I focus on two main areas in coaching: 1) Building skills for life; 2) Overcoming hurdles in life.

I have five years of direct experience coaching and teaching children (3rd through 6th grade) in an after school program.  During my time in the after school program, I coached the same group of children over a five year period and supported them through the ups and downs of their young lives. Now they are thriving teenagers!

Additionally, I have nine years of experience in private practice as a Licensed Marital & Family Therapist seeing adult individuals and couples from a family systems perspective. I specialized in seeing adults with childhood issues and married couples where one or both had childhood issues. The second reason I am branching out to work with children is that I noticed there is a need for coaching children in a natural setting prior to his/her developing serious symptoms that would require in office therapeutic sessions later in life, even in their adult lives. My experience as a licensed MFT allows me to see what potential issues the child could develop later in life and how to attend to it NOW.

My love for coaching children grew even more while spending time with married friends and noticing skills or hurdles that they were instilling or overcoming with their children.  In fact, “Miss Jenny” or “Auntie Jenny,” as they would call me, often encouraged them to be their best and champion hurdles that their parents (my friends) appreciated very much!  I have numerous testimonies of success!

I work with many diverse clients with cross-cultural values and religious beliefs. I have lived on the westside for twenty years.

My approach utilizes Positive and Play Coaching (TM). I can arrange to meet your child in your home.


I offer a thirty minute free telephone consultation. Please contact me by e-mail at to set up a time to chat.

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